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Digital Technology Infrastructure Products (SME)


Digital technology infrastructure products for SME is a service that we, DRACO Finance and Technology Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as DRACO) provides design, maintenance, engineering services and infrastructure to operate the website, application fully and save costs for businesses.

Website design service is a service that helps businesses to have a website to introduce information without having to spend a lot of time and money. Website is provided with the latest technologies, software and updated versions. With the mindset of optimizing products in the working process, it will help businesses later when operating the website will have fewer problems and the technology is not outdated.

Hosting server service is a service that provides customers with reputable, quality and cheap Hosting products. DRACO provides professional website hosting services for PHP source codes such as WordPress, Joomla, NukeViet, Drupal… with powerful hardware and software resources. Optimizing infrastructure costs, at a low cost, but still ensuring the factors of fast speed, good stability, higher performance and security, satisfy the requirements for all small and medium websites of customers.

Server services include two services: server provisioning services and email server services.

+ Virtual server rental service (VPS) of DRACO to satisfy the needs of customers using the server with full administration, using the physical server with high-speed processor and data separate or customize server resource management without having to share it with any other party. In addition to server initialization and installation services, DRACO also provides server maintenance and troubleshooting services for customers in need.
+ Email server service of DRACO is service integration product. Provide diverse needs for email server for businesses. In addition to providing physical email server installation services, initialization and setup of email servers, DRACO also provides email server maintenance and troubleshooting services for customers in need.

Process outline:
Step 1: Receive customer requests;
Step 2: Determine the customer goals (preliminary assessment);
Step 3: Sign the service contract;
Step 4: Analyze and evaluate the state according to goal-oriented and expertise;
Step 5: Make implementation plan;
Step 6: Implement the plan and monitor the implementation process;
Step 7: Report and evaluate the results of the implementation process;
Step 8: Acceptance of service.

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