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Business Restructuring Consulting (SME)


Restructuring product is a service that we, DRACO Finance and Technology Joint Stock Company, provides Restructuring Audit services for businesses to effectively manage business operations, control risks, optimize operations and maximize profits.

I. Product objectives and customer benefits

Building up plans, strategies and budgets for sale and marketing operations; Enhancing sale and marketing performance; Minimizing expenses and increasing profit margins.

Establishing appropriate capital structure or diversifying in raising capital channels to adapt for each stage of development, implementing business goals effectively;

Establishing an effective accounting apparatus and operation model to create the financial strength with the aim of ensuring competitiveness and growth capacity.

Standardizing the human resource organizational framwork, building and developing workforce according to ISO standards, building KPIs and measuring tools to increase labor productivity and motivating employees, engaging employees.

Optimizing operation and coordination among departments, enhancing service quality, labor productivity, minimizing costs, controlling and minimizing operating risks.

II. Service provision process

Step 1: Receive requests from customers

Step 2: Assess generally to the enterprise, the scope of restructuring.

Step 3: Sign up the service contract

Step 4: Analyze the state of the enterprise, review the objectives and scope and content of restructuring

Step 5: Set up a target strategy

Step 6: Prepare a restructuring plan, design details and identify the earliest feasible areas in order of priority.

Step 7: Implement step by step according to plan, monitor and assess performance

Step 8: Inspect and assess the results.

Product Experts

Lai Anh Tuan


Tran Thi Hong Phuoc


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